JU 99 CE

For the beginner, the JU 99 CE is great for basic energy and relaxation and to get acquainted with chi energytechnologies.

Other Chi Generators® of the "Junior"-Series

The TF 99 CE = Top Fitness 99 Chi Energizer
Budget Deal Chi Generator®, which is a idiot proof device for all operations to use for  fitness training and weight control.  
20 Hz frequency setting

The SPP 99 CE = Sports Performance Power 99 Chi Energizer™
Budget Deal Chi Generator® to maximize sports performance: stamina and endurance for training and competitions, "Magic" influence on the opponent by means of body language. 25 Hz frequency setting.

The GPP 99 CE = Golf Precision Power 99 Chi Energizer™
Budget Deal Chi Generator® that triggers the Alpha state when needed for precision such as golf, target practice, etc.  5.9 Hz frequency setting.

The JU 99 10 = Junior 99 Chi Energizer™, 10 Hz Frequency Setting
Budget Deal Chi Generator® with the general purpose setting of 10Hz. This is an great frequency in connection with the Feng Shui Bagua, and with this setup you can project a specific Feng Shui energy ("corner") into any place, allowing you to override existing feng shui energies - see also

Image of Ju 99 CE

99 budget series

The LPOG 2400 HD = Low Pulse Orgone Generator® Heavy Duty
  Chi Generator® is top of the line, beamer plate, silver tubing output, stick pad, transfer couple TC 99, built-in voltage regulator. LPOG 2400 DL has 6 low pulse frequencies, plus theoption of continuous settings. Over three times the power of an LPOG 2400 DL. Add to it more power with PBT 2400 Power Booster with Transfer Disk. and/or bzy adding extreior frequencies by way of the "input EPU" jack.

Since January 2007, the LPOG 2400 HD has the ability to create living water just like the AO 1100, the AO 2000, the RAD 5 and the ATGS 3000.Above:  The LPOG 2400 HD with the RAOPTC Power Transfer Couple for AquaOptimizers.  take the large disk (3.25" diameter) with you to charge water, food,supplements, etc.

Low Frequencies, Mind Machines, and the LPOG 2400 HD

To appreciate the special characteristics of the LPOG 2400 HD and the other devices with low frequency options (the LPOG 2400 and RAD2400 series as well as the EPU 2400 and PCHD 2400), it is good to know about low frequency methods.  Perhaps the most important method of effective self-improvement prior to the invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz resulted from new knowledge of the human brain.  It has been well founded that every feeling, thought, sensation and level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern, or frequency.  Consequently, you can determine the level of awareness that you want to harness for your success by controlling your brain waves.  We know of Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brain waves, all in the low frequency range from approximately 1 Hz to 30 Hz (cycles per second). Gamma frequenciesare above 30 Hz.

To control brain waves with low frequency input is not new.  In the 1930’s researchers found that repetitive light and/or sound stimulation caused brain waves to adjust to the same frequency.  For decades now, some “new age gurus” and other cult leaders made extensive use of repetitive sound pulses, often of the inaudible and subliminal. They know very well that this can make their captive audiences more receptive to their preaching. Much earlier than that, as far back in time as the very dawn of humankind, shamans used drumming (beats, pulses of low frequency) to put their audiences into an altered state and cause them to have experiences that they would not have in their normal state of everyday activities. This day and age, this type of pulse or “beat” is used in many situations where the capturing of audiences and the temporary control of their habits and especially their minds is considered important.  Fashion shows, exercise machine advertising, TV commercials, military training, church meetings, and infomercial pitches to the public, to name just a few, and the excessively rhythmic music played at these occasions.

Light-Sound Devices or Mind Machines

You can find a variety of good Light-Sound (LS) devices on the market today. ALS-device typically stimulates the brain indirectly with light flashes through goggles and sound stimuli (beats) through earphones. These stimuli will cause the brain to adjust to the frequency  of the flashes and sounds and consequently generate the correspondinglevel of awareness.  However, all LS-devices have a serious flaw:  They depend on earphones and goggles to be effective. In other words:  if you want to access a specific level of awareness such as charismatic appearance, calm, or creativity, you needto get the stimuli through earphones and goggles.

Therefore it is obvious that you cannot wear these LS-devices when you really needthem.  Just imagine appearing on a date, an important business meeting, or a sports event with a LS-contraption on your head!  And you cannot do creative writing or art either while carrying aLS-device on your head.  You need to wait till you can take it off your head, and then your brain waves will adjust back to their usualstate. 

That’s exactly where an LPOG 2400 HD makes a difference – a big one !!!  By now it is well-established that the technology of the Chi Generator®is far superior over the conventional type light-sound mind machines.  The reasons are obvious:  You can set up the Chi Generator® toemit Low Pulse Orgone in the exact frequency of brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta.  When you are in a field of LPO (Low PulseOrgone, or Chi), your brain can adjust to its frequency almost instantly.  This is so, because the detour over sensoryperceptions or questionable electric mini-shocks (as in a couple of more recent devices) is no longer necessary. Life force that pulsates in the frequencies of brain waves means a more effectiveimpact and therefore faster results.  You achieve the corresponding states of mind almost in an instant !!!  Moreover,since the low frequency orgone energy goes directly into your system, wherever you want it.  Therefore, binaural beats and similarexcellent solutions of a past without generators of pulsating life force (orgone energy) are no longer needed!  The most striking advantage of our LPO technology over conventional type mind machines is the fact that you can project LPO (Low Pulse Orgone) at any distance.  Simply use a of structural link such as the transfer disk of the TC 99 Transfer Couple or of the PBT 2400 Power Booster, put it into your pocket, set your LPOG 2400 DL at the desired pulse speed, and goto a business meeting, on a date, to the gym, to a sports competition, or anywhere else.  Nobody will notice your invisible helper! That’s all!  You can relax or go about your usual business at any place.

There is certainly no need for you to have those cumbersome and ridiculousgoggles, earphones, or other contraptions, on your head ever again! 

Use archaetypal or astrology-based filters, the RI 2400 CD Manifestation Program or the Super Manifestation Program™ and/or the PBT 2400 Power Booster to power up any activity you desire !!!

Naturally, any radionics device that you put into the life force field of an LPOG2400 HD or any other Chi Generator® will be more effective. It becomes then a Power Radionics™ device that is boosted with life force !!!


 LPOG 2400 HD $1,299.00 USD - Free complete top level software all-in-one package for free with purchase of LPOG  2400 HD
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The RAD 5 = Top of the Line Orgone Radionics™ Device
is a donut-shaped combination of five heavy duty Chi generators®, specifically designed for the Manifestation Program™ forPC and it works well, of course, with the Supermanifestation Program.  The five output pipes point to the center.  You can use their frequency settings as structural links(radionics rates).  With the new possibility of setting precise frequencies between approximately 0.6 Hz and 450 Hz, the new RAD 5 is apowerful tool not only for radionic settings, but also to set precise frequencies that have impact on the mind, precise frequenciesrepresentling planetary energies, specific parts of the body, etc.

Rad 5 image

Above you seen the RAD 5 with TC 99 transfer - the disk part, which you carry with you, can be attached to a key ring,and with a frequency meter. Each generator of the RAD 5 is switched on and off individually - you can see this on the image to theright.  Moreover, the output has the same characteristics as the AO 2000 Aqua Optimizer (and the ATGS).  This means that you canuse the RAD 5 to make living water, which is supercharged with orgone energy.  Moreover, you can charge this water with the specificmanifestation output of the RAD 5.

Therefore, the RAD-5 means scores of choice and ultimate flexibility

Most radionics devices and other devices for manifestation have one setting, rate, or "frequency". This setting refers to aspecific desired action, or trend.
The RAD 2400 series from HSCTI has one set of three dials for the trend and one set of three dials for the targetof the operation. This is still in line with many other radionics devices on the market where you find one well for the person andanother well for the "treatment".

Rad 5 Module Description image
RAD 5 $3,399.00 USD - Free complete top level all-in-one software package with purchase of RAD 5
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The New ATG 12 - double the power of the ATGS 3000

the complimentary frequency meter, you can set up precision frequencysettings.  Due to the fact that three dials are determining the frequency, there are thousands of positions of the three dialspossible, all of which represent the same precision frequeny, and this allows you to "radionically" adapt to existing patterns, environmentsand circumstances surrounding thesituation, which you intend to develop according to your desires and plans, and which maximizes yourflexibility in dealing with a situation as it also optimizes the structural linkage to the target(s) and trend(s) of youroperation.  Naturally, with such advantages in flexibility, as well as sheer power and the capability of working many operationssimultaneously, this extraordinary Trend Generator is ideal to achieve positive permanent change in the most complex situations; situations,which can involve a multitude of persons being ciontributing factors of such situations, such as a large business or any otherorganization. 

As you see in the picture above, each of the twelve generators can be switched on and off individually.With this amazing device, you can treat 12 fields of life experience simultaneously or you can use it for up to 24, even 36 differentactions at the same time.

Like the ATGS 3000, the ATG 12 is excellent as a device that can provide youwith living water, and it can do this in large quantities rapidly! And, as you can do with the devices of the AO-series, you can use the ATGS3000 as well to charge food (to the left). With an AOPTC (Aqua Optimizer Power Transfer Couple) you can direct this energy any place:You can run your ATGS 12000 in your home while on a trip. All you need is the transfer, onto which you put your juices, water and food, toenliven them and to charg

e them with life energies. In fact, you can project additional energy into food and drink by putting that energy'ssymbol (or other representation) next to the food that you eat or the drink that you enjoy!

Astrological Trend Energies

For persons who do not know very much about astrology: Astrological trendenergies are the result of an interaction between the individual astrological constellation at birth (the chart representing the planetsat the time of birth, or the horoscope of a person) and the planetary positions in the Solar system at any given time.  These positions,as seen from the Earth, take the aspect of a multiple trend-link of cosmic proportions.  The individual modulation effect dependslargely on the individual structure of the receiving organism, or target (the person for whom the astrological horoscope isinterpreted.  Astrology describes trends of the past, present, and future, by way of interrelating these structures of the planetarysystem.  Over the millennia, several sets of rules evolved that were eventually condensed into a relatively simple syntax.

atg 12 image 2

From our point of view, i.e., seeing the planetary system as a hugeradionics device that is powered by life energy, it was a very small step to work astrology the other way around: namely to actually model asystem of life force generators after the astrological basic structure, i.e., the twelve fields of life experience ("astrologicalhouses").  With this generator-modulator of planetary-type life force (orgone), you are now capable of setting up an "astrologicalgreenhouse".  This "astrological greenhouse" compares well to greenhouses that people use to grow plants in areas where the outsideclimate would never allow such a thing.  With your astrological greenhouse (the ATG 12) you can now generate astrological trends of very specific events, or actions, whensuch trends are not promised in an individual chart.  In fact, you can now go one step further:  To expedite a solution to achallenge,

Most importantly, by now you can use planetary positions and patterns thatnever occur naturally, just the same way as you can use a conventional greenhouse to design climatic conditions and sequences of climaticcondisions of your choice:  conditions whichat do not exist anywhere on this planet.

The advantages of such a technology are mindboggling!!!

What's even more exciting is the fact that you do not need to be aprofessional astrologer to gain the full benefit of this extremely powerful method! In fact, with the help of the Quick Reference Sheet,which is in the Manual for ADM, custom designing the energy that you are activating for the purpose of getting the your desired results isas easy as 1-2-3 !!!

Besides a brief introduction into basic custom designing of astrologicalenergies using key words, as described in the user manual, there is no training required! Therefore custom-designing astrological energies isinfinitely much easier to do than to interpret an astrological chart. With this extraordinary equipment for Astrological Trend Generating,you receive a user manual, and in this user manual you can find a quick-reference sheet with the key words for the astrological factors:planets,signs of the zodiac and mundane houses. All you need to do is combine these key words, following a few very easy rules, and this wayyou can custom-design any desired effect.

In other words: Now you have the technology to generate optimal astrological progressions and to block undesiredtrends successfully.  The progfessional astrologer who uses the ATG 12 is no longer a mere interpretor of trends and at best a counsellor.  There isno doubt that the astrologer who uses the ATG 12 is the "wise who rules the stars".  This astrologer naturally is the true professional who helps rather than merely talking

As you can see, the ATG 12 has twelve orgone generators® that are cast into a donut shape and point towardthe center. The output pipes are silver. Each generator represents one astrological house or one astrological sign, depending ou your personalpreferences. Each generator is powered by a pulse module, the frequency of which is determined by three dials. This allows you to set thedesired characteristics of each field of life experience (symbolized by the twelve astrological houses) as structural links, even if you havenever interpreted an astrological chart. 

You have an extremely powerful alternative to astrological settings: Youcan also use each orgone generator® of your ATG 12 individually for one specific action each, 12 different target persons with 12 different effects. For this operation, the Basic Manifestation Program is as excellent an accessory as there can be! With this program you can run up to twelve different actions of your ATGS 3000 at the same time, and up to 36 with your ATG 12. 

The ATG 12000 is the top of the line Chi Generator® and Manifestation/Radionics Equipment. 
Its special circular arrangement of twelve power generators, each onepowered by a three dial precision frequency setting, makes the generating of any astrological trend as easy as child’s play!  Theflexibility of this device is unsurpassed!
  With this extremely powerful device, you can virtually create your own universe !!!

ATG 12 $11,995.00 USD - Free complete top level all-in-one software package with purchase of ATG 12
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