  The Brain Evolution Manual Series:
Book I

This 1st book is an exercise in detailed instruction on how to regain your intelligence. It will teach you how to identify the useless trashy information and diversions that are programmed into your mind without your knowledge. Most of what you know is told to you and has little no value or useful substance in relation to invention or creative problem solving. We have all been duped into believing that memorization of useless information is intelligence. What is the application of information such as knowing all the US presidents names? Trivia is all that information serves, it is nothing more than simple entertainment yet it is forced on the children year after year as if it is vital to their development when it is actually a travesty deigned to keep people simple minded for the purpose of control and production
which is the foundation of the pathetic consumerism that is the human races reality. The current system tells one what to think but does not teach one how to think. This book is the 1st of a series that will teach you how to use your sensory perceptions for a new way to utilize your true intelligence. To do so you must first recapture your brain function to be directed by the mind. Currently the brain is controlling your mind through the tricky deception of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) training that it was rigorously trained to operate in without your permission. To my knowledge there are no instructions available for how the mind on how to train it to use the five senses that determine its reality. The information in this brain RE-training manual may be vital for some folks’ happiness. These exercises will teach you how to use your mind well beyond the current limits of everyday life. Ponder this: if you consider yourself intelligent and successful, then why are you not always happy? Outlook and expectations may be the clue you seek. The overall state of conflict on this planet lacks the joy of harmony and is enough to wear down even the most optimistic of minds among us. The constant assault of daily conflict purposely pushed on us can be unknowingly destructive with the consideration that to be well-adjusted in a sick, psycho, sociopathic society, is neither intelligent, nor successful. The majority of people do not support the accepted opinion that the rule of authority is always through acts of violence. Circumstances of this reality can subconsciously cause stress of an unknown origin. 
The joys of a higher awareness that increase one’s intelligence lay dormant in the unity of one’s sensory perceptions. Joyful possibilities of manifestation lay silent and untapped. New ways of brain operation can result in rapid growth and a new higher awareness of intelligence. Now you can combine these personal mind-control methods with the use of Welz technology for amazing results and benefits. Although Welz technology is not necessary for successful the full utilization of this new brain retraining regiment it is a very effective and useful new tool. This first exercise will manifest a state of constant serenity through the calm of silent observation. You will gradually become aware and utilize the real power of the universe, which is, of course, your divine privilege to use as you desire. Do you mostly feel a disconnect with the Universe? Do the cosmos feel like a distant place that is separate from you and your understanding of it? Consider for a moment the importance of the moon in your life, and its influence on your reality. The moon is more than just a satellite whose only significant purpose can be seen in its influence on the oceanic tides. The Moon has much more of an importance on this planet than is demonstrated influence on the Oceans of this planet. Research suggests that the moon has a very powerful unseen influence on all liquid substances vital to every life form here. And yet, why are most people reluctant to tap into the power of the Moons influences? It may be because most people are unaware that it can be utilized by any one individual. A much higher intuitive awareness can be gained from this practice. There is a section in this book titled “The Universal Sensory Perceptions Activation and Data Stream Retrieval” that contains exercises that allow you to access planetary energies of higher intuition in a way that has instant results. This collection of data has never been available to the common man in such an easy to use format. This data is a collection of useful information that has been refined from decades of
research and development working alongside the Phenom and inventor Mr. Karl Hans Welz. It contains useful information that will influence the rest of your life in ways you never have considered. You will learn a level of awareness that makes your life’s path more exciting than it is presently, restoring a childlike joy of anticipation to your life. If you have children, it is recommended to practice these methods with them to counter the destructive programming of their indoctrination into their OCD training. A majority of behavioral problems are often the result of OCD training that is cleverly hidden in the current education system. Practice these vital new ways of thinking and enjoy your new state of awareness. The investment in this new way of thinking is priceless.

Purchase this book for $20$ USD and you will get an ftp account where you can download the book itself in docx format and the cover image. John C. MacDonald (author) is a long time orgone radionics expert located in the United States.