NEW! Doctor Vertigo Gold light kit and Video manifestation with light 2018

At first, built on science of Christianity, light and darkness in magic and modern radionics, constructed taking a break from building chi orgone manifestation software. Recent development of this software seems to literally work when using "Light Powered" option to manifest or "bring to pass at a distance". Insane FPU (x87 and SSE2) assembly language programming built-in for max accuracy of frame rate on modern day fast but processing power fluctuating Windows OS computers based on calculations right down to the clock cycles per frame. You load a text file of wishes, target image, trend image also is optional, start the magic and leave it running. Has power symbols and other thiIf you do not have PayPal we offer Interac Etransfer payments equal to the value of the software title or software package in USD only, if Interac Etransfer is available at your bank. This is not available for purchases of radionics/chi hardware I'm sorry. The email address for my Etransfers is and the name of the person on file at the bank is  Corey Wilson. Email Me to send me the Etransfer Password once you have sent the Etransfer, and I will send your ftp account information to the email address you used when you emailed me the Etransfer password. Email for international money transfers as well, I will send you all the information you need to transfer internationally for software sales only. Once I get your payment I will send your FTP account information to the email address used to email me.
Please no refunds once purchased.ngs to attempt to manifest or "bring to pass". This program is great when used with Radionic Prayer software for sale here. The price for Doctor Vertigo God including Doctor Vertigo Light Manifestation Kit is $100 dollars USD. Please no refunds once purchased.KJV Ephesians 5:13 "But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light." Doctor Vertigo Light Kit software now includes pre-calculated mathematics to speed up the graphics processing, I can run two Doctor Vertigo Light Kit.exe screens easily at 33 frames per second now.

Doctor Vertigo 2018 includes Light Kit, which you can set the RGB color level, load a shoutcast radio or mp3/wav file and turn on spectralcast (spectrum analysis fluctuation of light manifestation during sound playback). Doctor Vertigo 2018 also includes Video Manifestation, which is in beta stage, you do everything the light kit version does, but load a video (no audio as of yet from the video, working on it) , press Y to convert the video fo raw video, and load a shoutcast radio or mp3/wav sound file and turn on spectralcast and blow your socks off! Software also has built in a Quantum Radionics option called text light manifestation, which involves a recreation of quantum bitwise mathematics text displayed on screen from any text file of your choice.  Software must be run in a screen size in windows os or wine linux of at least 1200hx1024v and requires directx installed. I use the software quite frequently and am quite satisfied with what I have constructed. This software package is included with the all-in-one package deal located elsewhere on this site.

Chakra Works Professional Light Manifestation 2018 (Chi Text Works 2015 included)


Chakra Works Professional Light Manifestation version, 2018, has been a very interesting reconstruction of the software since version 2015 using orgone energy. This software has cleared my chakras and has totally proven to me that light manifestation works. Software is built it RGB color set to max power of light energy (configurable RGB as well) and has 14 chakra selections, RGB editor, built in shoutcast radio url/mp3/wav file playing, and is over-all-top-notch chakra bodily energy point manipulation program, and if you purchase this software, you yourself will probably instantly notice an incredible sensation that light manifestation works, especially at the right RGB value. Comes with spectralcast (sound spectrum analysis fluctuation of the manifestation light on the target's chakra(s)). Spectralcast, it is like your own little control center of using light to manifest using sound spectrum light at your choice of RGB limit.

Chakra Works 2015/ChiText Works 2015 included.......

Software available for download by paypal, "Chakra Works Professional 2015" which includes "Chi Text Works 2015" for free, a program designed from Hebrew tactics of removing evil spirits. "Chakra Works Professional 2015" is a Chi (orgone) energy fully functional chakra clearing or manipulating software (with use of a chi card or other transfer image, energized with a chi generator®) designed for people in spiritual battles where you can choose your warfare against the specified target, or just want to clear chakras. Available for 55 dollars US and includes a nifty little program "Chi Text Works 2015" included for free. No refunds once purchased. You will get an email to your paypal email address to download Chakra Works Professional 2015/Chi Text Works 2015 software package within 12-24 hours (probably alot sooner) once purchased. Software is for Microsoft Windows or Linux under Wine. You will need to use a screen resolution like 1366x1024 for the program to be totally visible on screen...... This program does not work without an orgone transfer image.

Screenshots of Chakra Works Pro 2015 (2018 screenshot not available yet)

Available for download from ftp for $100.00 USD

Please no refunds once purchased.


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