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Radionic Prayer Power 2017 ($45 USD)

This software is for people of faith towards a higher power, is effectively powerful program with the prayers it includes, and has built in radionic settings to cause more of a blessed effect while the prayers are playing, for example, through a speaker,or chi generator or some other type of radionic stereo input device. I personally have found this program a very great help against black magic and evil, and this software is very good for people trusting in a higher power to "escape" spiritual troubles, or cause more abundance and prosperity through prayer. Runs only when codec pack is installed in Windows or wine OS. Runs in windows or linux wine.

Buy Radionic Prayer Power 2017 for $45.00 USD
Please no refunds once purchased.

Manifestation Ultimate Pro ($369 USD) and Manifestation Ultimate Lite ($49 USD)

This software is pretty cool and yet powerful manifestion software for use with chi energy generators, totally for chi energy magic. Comes with alphabet of success and alphabet of desire filter packages. They are costly because of the in depth programming to build the software and are from Karl Hans Welz's collection of manifestation programs for sale. The Pro version costs $369 USD and the lite version costs $49 USD and can only be run by installing adobe air (Available for mac os and windows). Very tradtional way of manifestation magic with chi energy, and the more powerful your chi generator is the more effective the results are. This program is not part of the all-in-one packages for sale, so if you buy from us a $1000+ costing chi generator it will not be included in the free software that comes with it, because I didn't create these programs myself.

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Manifestation Ultimate Pro nd Lite Manual

3D Radionic Manifestation 2017


3D Radionic Manifestation 2017 was created for the person interested in radionic manifestation using 3D graphics. I found the manifestation experience a little pleasing with this program, and the graphics look good. Hardware only OpenGL must be present with your PC, runs under windows or linux under wine. Price is $45 USD

Click Here for screenshots of 3D Radionic Manifestation 2017

Watch video of 3D Radionic Manifestation 2017

Karma Machine Radionic Software 2016


Software for using a radionics stereo input to a radionic device (or through speakers) to produce waves of frequencies to cure bad karma, curses, hexes, spells, black magic and to produce a heck of alot more than even written here. The program is a gem of milestone of work of mine since it's birth until I ever move unto something else. Below is a single screen shot, down more is a video (Update: Fri May 20,2016) and more screen shots. For example, you can recreate candle light with your spell or use the elements, there is even a cure for jealousy located in the download. DirectX must be installed, runs on Windows or linux wine.

Screenshots of Karma Machine 2016

Watch video of Karma Machine 2016

Watch video of Karma Machine Money Candle Spell

Watch video of Karma Machine Angels Vs Enemy(s)

Watch video of Karma Machine Angel names cause Money/Prosperity

Available for Download from ftp for $120 USD

Please no refunds once purchased.

DefCon 4 2018 Satellite image manifestation


DefCon 4 is a advanced software for chi manifestation magic using satellite image of the target (or street view). You can enter latitude/longitude of anywhere in the world. You can even set the frequency of the manifestation and ask DefCon 4 to calculate the most exact frequency flickering of the images on screen. Comes with mind control filter pack 1 and a library of filter images as well. Works with any orgone device and requires directx. Runs on windows or linux wine. now supports English,français,Deutsche,italiano and Español languages. Added sound file playback in 2016 version (.wav/.flac/.ogg files only). Added light manifestation in 2018 version. Fixed the streetview option in 2018 version, update support no longer for 2015/2016. There has been alot of changes and scientific advancement since 2018. The purchase of 2018 is now closed.

Screenshots of Defcon 4

Watch video of DefCon4 in action

Available for download from ftp for $55.00 USD
Please no refunds once purchased.

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