(Updated, so re-create your natal chart photo with these new instructions)

How to create a very powerful Quantum Physics Radionic photo of yourself

By C. D. Wilson

Click on the link below:


Enter all your birthdate information, exact. select next and once you see the natal chart (it is round with symbol(s) around it) save the webpage with the browser's file menu.

1. Download GIMP image editor, and load up the "now.svg" file you saved when saving the webpage of the natal astro-chart.

2. Go online to either use online picture resizer or download a image resizer or possibly

use microsoft paint to resize a full photo image of yourself to 199x199 pixels (or incase they change the resolution of the picture, the same resolution as the now.svg image loaded in gimp editor of the your astro-chart will do and is located at the top of the window in full maximization of the window) and save it as a

png image. Then load the png image up in gimp, which will load it in another gimp

image window.

3. Go back to the other gimp image window where the now.svg

in point 1 and

right click on the image and select Copy (located in the edit menu selection I think)

then go to the gimp image editor window where your resized photo in png format is

loaded and right click on it, and select paste (possibly located again in the edit menu

selection, not sure). Then right click on the pasted two images with the colory astro

chart image and select "Layer" and then select "To new layer". Save the image work

in the file menu as

whatever you want, then select "export as" in the file menu and save the image

as a jpg file. Voila, you have your natal image photo of yourself for use with things

like chi magic or other forms of radionics like , for example, psionic wish machine

software (Which I will eventually get around to building as a product). I was reading

that using your birthchart image causes alot of manifestation of your desire upon

yourself quantum physics style, why not mix that with an image of your photo behind


Effects: I noticed more power of manifestation upon myself doing radionic magic on

myself, very cool stuff happened in feelings, like it was really muscle car manifestation, and (UPDATED) I was feeling sick from using the earlier version of this information because the resized image from 500x600 to 100x100 was to distorted but when I used the 500x600 image in fullscreen everything went fine, so now using the now.svg file you saved when saving the webpage of your natal chart everything is co·pa·cet·ic for 100x100 or full screen mode since I updated this webpage.

Thats all folks, little quantum physic photo for ya!

(Quantum Consciousness: The mind of God)


Lecture 1 - overcoming the wicked one, atheist or reborn believer, or otherwise.

By C. Wilson

Don't mind the spelling below, I really mean it:

This text is the following of the owner of this website and is a lecture to the unlearned about the devil, satan, lucifer or the serpent, even the actual existence of the god of darkness. I am a spiritually exorcised reborn christian person who is loosed from his legions of condemnation but I also do not even follow the religion any more, because of double standards and spiritual hypocrisies in the bible, so you can say then, I am a reborn atheist.

Lucifer can be turned off like a switch, at the very moment you do not believe in his existence. If u r a struggling christian and feel God is evil to you, I would suggest being pragmatic and going inbetween faith and unbelief of God as you would possible lose your faith in God, but then you will see

•••••••••••••eventually the devil dissapear from view. This is my point to you, do not believe in the devil, satan, or lucifer, even as any form of deity, because he is even a defeated foe to me, who noticed that people are tormented by the devils, only because they believe in them. Now what does that have to do with faith in God?

As religion lives on, at this time, there is no devil existent without God until he is destroyed, however though, unbelief in the devil's existence while you still pray to God is the best place to be. And if you don't believe in God, then don't believe in the devil. I noticed by spiritual opponents

I gave up on God, the devil lost his power over me when I was in a mind state of being away from God in faith.that followed the devil literally "HAD TO CONJOUR HIM TO EXIST TO ME" so that i was attacked by the wicked one. Of 24 years of experience with hell and death and skeletons in the closet and three police beatings and one beating with a baseball bat, tormented by evil spirits for years on end, only to find, that when you believe something is bothering you, it has to be narrowed down to something that seems "seperate" from your mind or being, that when someone is doing magic on you, the best place to be is NOT AT FAULT for any of it the duration of it's time. So what I am saying is, try to rule out the existence of the devil, you will feel alot better seeing that once he is gone from view, it is all just a sherades.

Rant #2

    I've been doing alot of programming lately in machine (assembler) language and wanted to put down in text my thoughts about •••••••••••••processors. The FPU onboard any processor can now look up by memory built into the cpu, a already calculated same equation every faddp,fsubp,fmulp,fdivp for it to pop the answer in st(0) each time by taking one calculation value and math produce the answer with another calculation value can be looked up via address of answer of those returning two combinations of calculations, and also the whole processor can be pre-calculated math simultaneously accessed through current or no current bits all wired to give an instant answer (accept for the fpu because of astronimical memory usage, you need to record the equation with the answer pre-calculated memory onboard the FPU and lots of it, it catagorized it by first part of equation in memory at located second part of equation in memory plus the type of floating point arithmetic operation catagory and that is and address to bits for the answer based on, for example in FPU, 80 bits as far as I know, will hold any value possible in the fpu registers, so the calculation circuit wise is:

80 bit st(0)=100 stored if not already created a new row memory wise on the cpu)
80 bit st(1)=25 stored as a column in memory on cpu
(type of calculation is divide)

then as far as i know st(0) now equals 4
which is the answer to store in the third oart of it, which becomes a vector each one of them, works like how the cpu remembers registers to begin with, so the first part, second part, type of operation, and answer is stored like a in basic
Dim shared floatadditionanswer(80bit limit first part,80bit limit second part,4 for add,sub,mul,div operation) as quad
and then in the program or ON THE PROCESSOR the answer is located in memory, in fact, your computer memory is faster answer than computing it on the CPU. anyways i was partying when i wrote this, hope you at all enjoyed it, it might or might not make sense, but it always will make sense to me.

Rant #3

To people feeling their enemy is getting the better of them, I say that in the book of the Art of WAR that "ALL WAR IS DECEPTION" and if you didn't or don't deserve your enemy's attack(s) on you, then in the name of the ring of power from heaven before the ark of God in heaven that I always retain my infallible prodical son Ring from God any nothing can go wrong with it, unconditionally from everlasting to everlasting, and this person that is attacked by their unworthy enemy(s) is totally set at liberty with my ring if God willing unconditional by the power of something that makes and made righteousness prevail forever unchangeable. Remember, always use their fault against
them against you when faced with poop holes of no soul of them belonging to them, unconditionally, but don't make the innocent fall, or EXISTENCE itself will treat you like a black thumb nail of Satan unless you die horribly , either way your dead anyways if you are wicked forever to your enemy. Purchase my candle magic chi software it works against poop quite most effectively.